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Janiz "Jae" Ruetinag

Thursday, March 01– Ngarchelong Delegate Marhence Madrengchar and Airai Delegate Tmewang Rengulbai introduced the “Economic Relief Act of 2012” and a House Joint Resolution, written by Ngaraard Delegate Gibson Kanai, to “provide economic relief for the people of the Republic of Palau by temporarily reducing the tax burden on gasoline wholesalers and retailers, so that the tax savings may be passed on to consumers in the lower gasoline prices.” Continue reading

Chief Justice Arthur Ngiraklsong dismissed a case brought forth by eight (8) plaintiffs who had run for Ngatpang State Legislature on December 21, 2010. The case ultimately became a question of “…whether the members of the Ngatpang State Legislature, under the State’s Constitution, are elected by the majority of the votes cast or by the majority of registered voters.” Continue reading

The Palau Royal Resort in Malakal was the setting for Thurday evening’s Micronesian Voyaging Society (MVS) fundraising dinner, sponsored by the Embassy of the Republic of China. “Many Islands, One Sea” was the theme of the evening’s soiree. The event was emceed by MVS Vice President, Alan Seid, who shared heartfelt anecdotes about his own non-instrument navigational voyage with the attendees. Continue reading

In the Twentieth Special Session of the Eighth Olbiil era Kelulau, Delegates Rebluud Kesolei and Kalistus Ngirturong introduced House Joint Resolution 8-70-205 congratulating the University of Guam on it’s sixtieth anniversary as an institution of higher learning and it’s commitment to Micronesia’s– especially to the Republic of Palau– “academic achievements, social achievements and economic developments.” Continue reading