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Republic of Palau Ministry of Health
Press Release
phone: (680) 488-2552/2553
Date: July 20, 2017

> Palau Minstry of Health & E-Da Hospital: Signing of the I-Shou University MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)


> Palau Minister of Health Dr. Emais Roberts (left) and E-Da Hospital, I-Shou University Superintendent Dr. Yuan Kun Tu (right) signing the MOU


> MOU is signed


On July 14, 2017 the Republic of Palau Ministry of Health (MOH) and E-Da Hospital/I-Shou University signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in support of a joint medical internship program. The MOU was signed by Republic of Palau Minister of Health Dr. Emais Roberts and E-Da Hospital/I-Shou University Superintendent Dr. Yuan Kun Tu. Present to witness the signing were Tenth Olbiil Era Kelulau (10th OEK) Senate President Hokkons Baules, 10th OEK Speaker of the House of Delegates Sabino Anastacio, Republic of China—Taiwan Ambassador to the Republic of Palau His Excellency Michael Y. K. Tseng, Airai State Madame Delegate Victoria Kanai, Ngarchelong State Madame Delegate Dilmai Saiske, the Honorable Senator Stevenson Kuartei, the Honorable Senator Aric Nakamura, and officials from the Ministry of Health.

The MOU outlines a pilot internship program that would allow medical students graduating from I-Shou University to complete their internship requirement at the Belau National Hospital. The medical interns will be practicing under the guide of attending physicians from both Palau and E-Da Hospital. The attending physicians will rotate on a monthly, two-week basis and will provide expertise in different medical specialties. In addition to supervising the interns, the attending physicians will also offer medical consultation to patients in Palau.

E-Da Hospital and I-Shou University are located in the Dashu District of Kaohsiung, Republic of China—Taiwan. Both institutions are supported by the E United Group, a group that operates a number of businesses in Taiwan spanning from the manufacturing industry to educational institutions. The group supports the improvement of Taiwan’s community through projects that promote better living quality, learning opportunities, and health services. E United Group was established by its chairman, Mr. I-Shou Lin.

The MOU between MOH and E-Da Hospital/I-Shou University is a step towards improving the quality of healthcare services offered to Palau’s community. By encouraging the internship of local as well as international medical students, Palau opens an opportunity to utilize the expertise of accomplished medical professionals as well as improve its understanding about the continuous advancements in the medical field.

Two Palauan medical graduates, Ms. Samantha S. Olkerill and Ms. Rilang Roberto, will be the first participants of the pilot internship program. Ms. Olkeriil and Ms. Roberto graduated with high honors (valedictorian and salutatorian respectively) from I-Shou University last month. They will begin their internship at the Belau National Hospital this August.


Press Release
MOJ Serial No. PR-17-025
July 18, 2017
Office of the Vice-President and Ministry of Justice

Palau 10th Basic Police Academy Commencement Exercise

On July 14th 2017, the Ministry of Justice along with its Bureaus celebrated
their 10th Basic Police Academy Graduation with its twenty-four (24) Cadets that
successfully completed the program. The program is a fourteen week prerequisite
course for the Conceptual and Physical training for newly sworn-in officers for the
different law enforcement bureaus within the ministry.

Of the twenty-four cadets, two of them will join the Division of Marine Law under the
Bureau of Maritime Security and Fish & Wildlife Protection, and one will join the
Division of Customs for the Ministry of Finance, while the rest will all take the role of
Police Officers for the Bureau of Public Safety.

During the Ceremony the Vice President and Minister of Justice Raynold B. Oilouch
addressed the Cadets by noting the importance of their roles as Law Enforcement
Officers in protecting the people, properties, and resources of our island nation. The
Vice President and Minister further informed the public that right after this
commencement a new Academy will initiate specifically for the Division of Marine
Law Enforcement On-the-Job Training participants starting on August 7 until
September 29 of this year in anticipation of the new patrol boat arriving in Palau on
January of 2018 from Japan.

There were five categories of awards presented to the cadets that include Academic
Excellence, Perfect Attendance Award, Physical Fitness Award, Against All Odds Award,
and Leadership Award. Recipients’ of these awards are presented below:

Academic Excellence
Jake Meltel
Chris Pablo
Junior Joey Sumor
Josh Ngiraswei
Fremont N. Mengidab
Etirwir Franz
Jeracie M. Oiterong
Sean Joshua Pedro
Vadi Kali Beketaut
Vahid Beketaut
Ucheriang Ramarui
Jashely N. Inawo

Perfect Attendance Award
Josh Ngiraswei
Jake Meltel
Jashley N. Inawo
Ewatel Esebei
Vadi Kali Beketaut
Hoyt D. Blailes
Junior Joey Sumor
Centennial Sapemang

Physical Fitness Award
Vahid Beketaut
Junior Joey Sumor
Centenial Sapemang
Lloyd Helacio
Ewatel Esebei
Malone N. Iyekar

Against All Odds Award
Omar Micah Mereb
Georgette Mad

Leadership Award
Vahid Beketaut


The Ministry of Justice wishes to congratulate all of you for a job well done to all the
Cadets and that we look forward to working with you as well as being a part of the Law
Enforcement Family of the Ministry.

Thank you.

Press Release
MOJ Serial No. PR-17-024
July 18, 2017
Office of the Vice-President and Ministry of Justice

New Officers Sworn In for the Bureau of Public Safety and Bureau of Maritime
Security and Fish & Wildlife Protection

On July 17, 2017 three (3) new Officers were sworn in for the Bureau of Public
Safety (BPS) and Bureau of Maritime Security and Fish & Wildlife Protection
(BMSF&WLP). The Vice President and Minister of Justice Raynold B. Oilouch
relayed his appreciation and excitement of additional members of the law enforcement
family to the Officers and their families that participated in the Ceremony.

The new Officers were Mr. Kalany Higgins whom will be a law enforcement officer for
the Division of Marine Law Enforcement under (BMSF&WLP), and Ms. Loretta
Dilbodel Leeroy and Mr. Hubert Amalei whom will be working with the Division of
Patrol under (BPS). Director Aloysius Alonz from (BPS) initiated the oath to Officers
Leeroy and Amalei, while Director Thomas Tutii from (BMSF&WLP) initiated the oath
for Officer Higgins.

The new Officers all expressed their gratitude and appreciation to the Vice-President
and Minister of Justice along with his Directors and Chiefs of both Bureaus for their
considerations and opportunity to be a part of the bigger law enforcement family.

Congratulations everyone and may the FORCE be with you.



Palau International Coral Reef Center
Press Release
Contact: Ines Kintoki
Phone: 488-6950 ext. 244
Date: July 16,2017

“PICRC Summer Interns from left to right and top to bottom: Onglibl Diana-Rae Lakobong, Maikani Osisemereng Andres, Kaylee Giramur, Yubee K. Isaac, Itungelbai Bells, and Kelutel Darrin Yoshiwo”


Six Palauan college students complete  their PICRC Summer Internship  

Friday July 14th marked the final day of the Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) Summer Internship Program. The students selected for this summer’s program were Maikani Osisemereng Andres and Onglibl Diana-Rae Lakobong, Environmental and Marine Science majors from Palau Community College; Itungelbai Bells and Kelutel Darrin Yoshiwo, Marine Biology majors from University of Guam; Kaylee Giramur, an Environmental Studies major from Chaminade University of Honolulu; and Yubee K. Isaac, an Environmental Studies major from the University of Hawaii at Hilo. Throughout the program these interns worked on individual projects with mentors from PICRC. To complete the internship program each intern presented on their project and what they have learned over the past month and a half.

Throughout the past six weeks PICRC interns gained field and lab work experience, data handling skills, and a deeper knowledge of the research being conducted at PICRC. The interns also were given the opportunity to work with the Ebiil Society as part of their Cultural Immersion Program. For a week, interns worked as staff for Camp Ebiil with nearly 50 students from across Palau. During this week interns acquired local knowledge of marine and terrestrial ecosystems as well as traditional customs, to understand how Palau’s history plays a role in today’s conservation efforts.

These internships are key building blocks to future careers. Internships give students the opportunity to work hands on in a professional environment, gain connections and learn how to communicate in a professional environment. Students are also given a chance to explore career interest and narrow down their plans upon graduating. Through the PICRC Summer Internship Program, students gain a deeper understanding of current conservation efforts in Palau. Upon completing their degrees PICRC wishes to see these students return to work in Palau and continue conservation efforts at home. PICRC would like to recognize and give thanks to Blue Bay Petroleum Incorporated for making this Summer Internship possible.


Talkshow w/ PNCC’s Acting General Mangager, Leo Ben Teriong and Corporate Administrator, Myers Techitong, regarding the current phone issues and internet problems in Palau.

Image result for PNCC logo


~Mlo smecher: July 4, 2017
~ Kemeldiil: July 21, 2017
~Tuobed ra mork ra 8:30am ra tutau el mora blai ra Ngeribukel el ngara Ngerbeched,
e mengemeldiil el mo ieta sils e mora ked.

Image result for cross

Kemeldiil me a Omengkad el blals er a IMEKEDONG MOKISONG JOHNSON

~Mlo smecher: July 5, 2017
~Kemeldiil: July 22, 2017
~A bedengel ngka el mechas a tuobed er a mork ra 7am ra tutau e mora btelulachang
er a Arkemais ra 7:30am e tuobed el mora Ngcheyangel el mo mengemeldiil ma omengkad
el blals ea telial sils eng mochu ra ked.
Ng kemanget el omerael me ng mla moterkokl el mo er ngii a omengudel el udoud ra kebesengei
ra July 20 el di mor ngii ra blil a Ebil ra Ureked Emau Hindenburk ra Ngerchemai.

Image result for cross