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Local News

Senate Delegation to the Palau Independence Day in Guam
October 7, 2017


Pictured from left to right: Senate President Hokkons Baules, Senator Will Castro, Senator Aric Nakamura, Floor Leader Kerai Mariur, Senator Phillip Reklai. Not pictured: Senator Frank Kyota.


Remarks from President Baules delivered at the event!

Alii… Good Afternoon to everyone and Happy 23rd Belau Independence Day to all of you.  Let me begin by extending a most sincere appreciation on behalf of the leadership and members of the Senate of the 10th Obiil Era Kelulau, to the Honorable Governor Eddie Calvo; the Honorable Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio and the Government and the people of Guam, for the continued courtesies offered to Palauans who live and continue work here on Guam. I am hopeful that many of them are contributing residents to the communities of Guam. I offer our warmest greetings as well to the Honorable Senator Michael San Nicholas. Please extend our best wishes and appreciation to the Honorable Speaker Benjamin Cruz and the leadership and members of the 34th Guam Legislature.

Since declaring Independence in 1994, our Republic of Palau has lived up to the dictates of this declaration, moving forward proudly, as a sovereign nation and an able participant of the global community of the United Nations.  Our Declaration of Independence states in part that “We are proud to be an independent nation in free association with the United States of America.  We will work to promote social advancement within Palau and global peace throughout the world”.

In this respect we have progressed with the assistance of our neighbors and friends throughout the Pacific region and around the world, most especially those we have a special bond through tradition, culture and family – like our friends and family here on Guam.

On this Independence Day, we celebrate family, and renew our dedication, to preserve and enhance our traditional heritage and our national identity. We take pride that as a people, we have been successful in doing this through the strength of caring and close knit nuclear and extended families; rooted in tradition, and built upon our unique culture. We are indeed truly blessed.

Ng kmal ungil suelb el merkid el rokui. Me di bok recognize ra Vice President e Minister ra Justice el chetengakl el Raynold B. Oilouch. Ar mengeteklel mar chedal a blai ra Senate; Vice Speaker ra House of Delegates mar Delegates el ngartiang chelechal sils. Bo kuureng a sulir ar mengeteklel mar chedal a Palau Community Association of Guam ra invitation ertir  el mlei, meng sebeched el kasues ea ki oyeng er kemiu e ke de tmak  el celebrate ertial Independence Day ra beluu er Belau ra Guam.


A kmo omtechei  rar mengeteklel mar chedal a Senate er chelechal Ongetruich el Olbiil Era Kelulau e odars a kmal mekeald el yorosku er tir lekor kemiu ma families er kemiu er tial kmal ungil sils.

Lluich ma edei el rrak ra mla memong ra October 1, 1994 e ke de mlo saing ra Declaration of Independence ra Beluad er Belau meng mlo omuchel el di kid el mengedereder ra beluad el okiu a mimokl deluill el obengkel a beluu ra Merikel.

Chelechal sils e ke de tmak el outkeu ertial mong meng e lluich ma chedei el rekil a Independence er Belau.

Ke de mlo nguu a kingelled ra United Nations el ileakl el beluu ra uriul risei e ngara deureng er chelechal sils el mla melemolem el ileakl el beluu el melmuut er chelechang.

Ngokiu a kakeakl el telungalk er kemiu, ea mekreos el tekingel a klebelau ma klechibelau erkid a sebechel moiuid el morar ngeleked.  Ko melatk ertial tekoi e mo blechoel el me oldingel ra beluu, kemiu mar ngelekiu, me ke de melemolem el kaingeseu el kirel a klungiolel a beluad. Ak mo choiuii sel ulebongel el tekoi el ngara chelsel sel Declaration of Independence er Belau, el mo rokir tial kedeb el cheldechedechak. Ng kmul kmo:

“ Aki Omes El Bedul Uriul, El Mela Klubelam Era Ibetel a Erechar Er Kemam, E Omes El Bedul Medad El Medenge El Kmo, Ng Sebecham;  El Ultuil Er A Klisicham Ma Ulengesuil A Rubak”.  Ko Mesulang, e Happy Independence Day.

Olkeriil “O” Kazuo
Press Secretary
Office of the President
Republic of Palau

On August 17, 2017 the Aimeliik Community and the Aimeliik Club of Guam donated five pallets of patient supplies to the Ministry of Health. The patient necessity items shipped from Guam included Pediatric Breathing Hoses, wheel chairs, I.V. poles, commodes, adult disposable briefs, sterile gloves, manual dispensers, toiletries and much more.  In the handover ceremony, Delegate Marino O. Ngemaes (Aimeliik, 10th OEK) expressed that the people of Aimeliik wish to contribute to the success of the “Adopt a Room” Program at the Hospital by equipping and providing in-patients with necessities that would otherwise be added costs to the patients.

“The People of Aimeliik thank Ambros Inc. of Guam and Shimbros Inc. of Palau for their generous donations for the cause including Triple B Forwarders, Matson Shipping, Belau Shipping and Belau Transfer for waiving the costs and fees in shipping the items to Palau, said Delegate Marino.”  “We would like to also thank Senators Aric Nakamura and Frank Kyota for their invaluable assistance in making our donations to the hospital possible and I truly thank the Aimeliik Club of Guam for taking the initiative to provide these quality items for donation.” Delegate Marino added.

Minister of Health, Emais Roberts thanked the Aimeliik Club of Guam and the people of Aimeliik for their generous contribution to the patients of the hospital.  “The people of Aimeliik have been a great partner to the Ministry of Health with numerous volunteer works with the hospital and we appreciate these many items that will surely help our patients and staff in treatment and comfort.” Minister Emais Expressed.

In attendance at the ceremony were President Tommy Remengesau, Jr., Speaker Sabino Anastacio, Aimeliik Speaker Teruo Rengulbai, members of the Aimeliik Legislature and the Ministry of Health management team with many more.


Keiden S Kintol
Special Assistant to Vice-President
Public Relation/Information Representative
Republic of Palau


On Sunday August 7, 2017 at about 22:54 hours, Division of Fire &
Rescue received a call informing them of a fire at the old Neco
Building which used to be a Chinese Restaurant in Idid, Hamlet. Upon
arrival at the scene, the fire was about 80% engulfed so they laid out
hoses and stared fighting the fire. The fire was fully decimated at
about 03:22 hours.

On Tuesday August 8, 2017 at about 11:45hrs the Division also received
a call regarding an Automobile Fire in Meyuns, Koror. Upon arrival at
the scene, the fire appeared to be getting bigger and coming out of
the window. The fire fighters started extinguishing the vehicle by
suppressing the fire from the interior until it died out. They let it
cooled off and located the Battery and disconnected it at about
12:25hrs. The vehicle is said to be owned by Valiant Tirso from

This is all the information that I can share right now, but both cases
are under investigation at this time, and more information will be
shared once the investigations are complete and filed.

Keiden S Kintol
Special Assistant to Vice-President
Public Relation/Information Representative
Republic of Palau


This is just a Tip to help raise awareness.

Received information today regarding a Bangladeshi operated store in
Malakal selling individual sticks of cigarettes for 50 cents. We asked
that the individual provide an evidence, so a Picture is attached to
this message. As you are well aware, it is illegal to sell sticks of
cigarettes, but that does not deter such sellers from continually
breaking the law.

Time: 1:40
Date: 8/9/17
Location: LM Malakal Store In Malakal Next to Kings

This morning PICRC was visited by one of our loyal donors.

Displaying M7297202.JPG

Photographed left to right: Dr. Yimnang Golbuu, Ilebrang U. Olkeriil, Bernadette Valencia, Harlen Herman”

Ms. Bernadette Valencia the General Manager of Matson takes a tour of the Palau Aquarium.
Matson is a shipping company for Guam and Micronesia and Continues to be a large supporter of PICRC.



Anna Parker

Communications and Outreach Officer
Palau International Coral Reef Center
P.O. Box 7086
1 M-Dock Road
Koror, PW 96940  Palau
Phone: (680) 488-6950
Fax:  (680) 488-6951
Web:  www.picrc.org
Facebook:  Palau International Coral Reef Center-PICRC


March 14, 2017

January 12, 2016 (Tuesday)
*Chinese Green Pit Viper (Bamboo Snake) found in container sent from Guangdong, China.
*3 Boats set on Fire at the dock in Ngermid, Koror (January 11, 2016, Monday). Investigation is still ongoing.
*Prisoner Suki Temael shot in jail!

January 13, 2016 (Wednesday)
*Jury Trial for Labor Trafficking
*Interim Special Prosecutor Melissa Sims asks to Remove the case with Vice President / Minister of Justice Antonio Bells
*United Nation Office of Drugs & Crimes coming to Palau (Workshop with Palau’s Leaders)

*First accident in 2016 that took a life
*Fishing Agreement
*The funeral of late Governor Eloy Inos (CNMI)
*Peter Benchley Ocean Awards
*Eastern States Ngesu
*Judgement (Aimeliik State Civil Action)

January 8, 2016 (Friday)