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Local News

The Palau Aquarium at Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) hosted Ngaraard Head Start students and Palau Seventh day Adventist Elementary (SDA) School 3rd Grade class. On April 11th, PICRC staff greeted the Ngaraard Head Start students with their teacher and parents and provided an educational tour covering all the marine habitat exhibits at the Palau Aquarium. On April 14th, the SDA 3rd grade class accompanied by their teacher and parents toured the aquarium. As part of their class requirement, the class also completed a scavenger hunt activity to complement the tour.

School tours at the Palau Aquarium provide insights on several marine habitats; showcase several illustrative posters on research conducted by PICRC and historical information of Palau; as well as an interactive touch tank with marine invertebrates. A new attraction at the Aquarium is the Touch Panel which currently displays videos related to various marine conservation information and climate change issues. This Touch Panel will also have an additional element where visitors, especially students, will be able to take quizzes and play games related to the exhibits at the Palau Aquarium.

The visit of Ngaraard Head Start and SDA Elementary Students highlights the importance of the Palau Aquarium as an educational learning tool for students of Palau. Each year, the Palau Aquarium hosts numerous students from schools within Palau for tours and educational activities. PICRC is proud of the Palau Aquarium’s role in the community, and continuously work to update and improve the Palau Aquarium’s displays and information in an effort to educate and entertain its visitors.

Contact: Gaafar Uherbelau
Community Advocacy Program
Tel: 488-2002 Fax: 488-0543
Email: gaafar.uherbelau@palauhealth.org

Confirmatory test results of samples taken from PMA farm workers and patients at the Belau National
Hospital have returned negative for Avian Influenza (Bird Flu). The results were received by the Ministry
of Health on April 5, 2014 from a reference lab in Hawaii; however, further testing on samples taken
from the dead chickens will be conducted in the US mainland.

While results are awaited and investigation continues to determine the birds’ possible causes of death,
the public is urged to refrain from using and consuming PMA poultry products until investigations have

Furthermore, as seasonal flu cases remain high, the public is also reminded to continue practicing
hygienic habits including proper hand-washing and coughing etiquette to minimize the spread of the

Additional updates will be provided as soon as they are available. For more information about flu
prevention and seasonal flu vaccines, contact the Communicable Disease Unit (CDU) at 488-2450 during
regular working hours.