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“I Love My Family”
Family Protection Workshop – Ngarchelong, February 22, 2017

Part 1

Part 2


[“The Family Protection Act passed in November 2012 enforced by the Bureau of Public Satety, Ministry of Justice. The Ministry of Community & Cultural Affairs raised their first awareness and built the capacity for women and girls to use this Act. The Act has a “No Drop” Policy; therefore, once a victim calls, it will follow due process. The human rights violations of women and girls that have been successfully prosecuted since 2010 are child abuse, domestic violence, and trafficking cases.” (http://evaw-global-database.unwomen.org/en/countries/oceania/palau/2012/palau-family-protection-act)]

The 9th OEK House of Delegates Judiciary and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing was held at the former OEK in Koror, Palau on January 29, 2014 regarding the US State Department’s classification of Palau as a Tier 02 country under their annual human trafficking report. Under questioning were Minister of Justice/Vice President Tony Bells, Minister of State Billy Kuartei and Attorney General Victoria Roe. Continue reading