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Caylin Max

Greetings! The Ulkerreuil A Klengar (UAK) is teaming up with partner organizations in raising funds for Ms Caylin Max. She is an 8 year old 2nd grader at Harris Elementary School and is afflicted with a brain tumor. She has been recommeneded for referral as the tumor grows every day and her condition ony worsen if the tumor is not removed immediately. Caylin will be referred to the Taiwan Shin Kong Hospital where she can get the necessary medical treatment.

UAK and partners, along with Caylin’s mother, Ms. Madalina Isidoro, and her family will be doing a fundraising campaign starting today, February 3, 2015 until Friday February 6, 2015, at Bethlehem Park. UAK and its partners will be at Bethlehem Park to collect all donations.

As always, your monetary assistance for Ms. Caylin Max’s medical referral is highly appreciated. For those who won’t be able to attend but wishes to donate, please contact UAK at (680) 488 – 8941 or (680) 488 – 0818 or contact Mr. Leonard Basilius at (680) 488 – 4909 or (680) 779 – 6029.

Signed by Chairman, UAK, Belhaim Sakuma


Election Date – November 24, 2014

Registration – November 10, 2014, closes 15 days before the election

Nominating Petition – November 10, 2014, closes 15 days before the election

Absentee Ballots – November 10, 2014, request deadline 15 days before election

November 23, 2014, receive deadline, day before election

((Must be post-mark before election date))

October 10, 2014


Angaur native Marvin Ngirutang declared his candidacy for Governor of Angaur on August 22nd on the occasion of his late grandfather’s birthday. During the announcement by way of house to house in Ngermasech, Angaur State, Marvin stressed the importance of bringing economic opportunity to the state and supporting residents with increased government and private funding projects to boost tourism and increase quality of life for all citizens. Service to others is nothing new to Marvin. He has spent his entire life working on behalf of the citizens of Palau. He is uniquely qualified to serve as governor and will bring years of experience to the state. Marvin is a graduate of the University of Hawaii at Hilo and the Birmingham University in England, United Kingdom. Using his education and experience, Marvin will hit the ground running creating jobs, improving infrastructure, such as drinking water, and eliminating waste and inefficiency from government services.

Marvin believes that public service should always be about putting others first and doing the right thing for people. Throughout his career, Marvin has always put pride in honest and fair dealings with the public and officials from here at home and across the globe.

Ngirutang highlights his “Four Objectives” for his administration. The First objective is “Restoring Good and Transparent Government.” The Second objective is to “Expand Economic Opportunity” for the citizens of Angaur. The Third objective is “Caring for the Elders.” Lastly the Fourth objective is “Restoring the Culture of Angaur.” As the campaign progresses, Marvin will expand on each of these areas with a plan on achieving the objectives.

Along with his many diplomatic assignments on behalf of Palau, Marvin has also been a member of numerous community organizations including the Palau Chamber of Commerce, Palau Rotary Club, and a board member of the Palau Red Cross Society and Palau Conservation Society.

Marvin is the son of Temol Ngirutang and Ryoko Guilbert Ngirutang, Grandson of Dilmers Miyozawa and Ngirutang Oit and Masao Endo Guilbert and Haruko Akitaya Guilbert. He is honored to have the support of his family, friends , and relatives. If you have any questions or would like to be of assistance you may reach Marvin at 770-1608 or by email at ngirutang@gmail.com.

Thank You !


For the Youth of Ngerchelong and Rechad er a Ngerchelong, Mathias Erbai is running for Governor, Ballot #4! Please Vote! Posted are some good pictures of Mr. Mathias Erbai’s Campaign during Father’s Day 2014 and a trip to Guam, spreading his strong speech about what he can do for our youth community in Ngerchelong State. It sounded so promising! Let’s vote #4! GO MATHIAS#4!