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Talk Shows



Kambes Kesolei

Cheldecheduch er Belau


1.) Milad ma Tekii melab

2.) Rengelekel a Milad

3.) Ongerung el klobak er a belau

4.) cheldechedechal a Dirrabakerus.


Chairman-Ways and Means Committee ~ Senator Surangel Whipps Jr.

Vice Chairperson-Ways and Means Committee ~ Senator Rukebai Kikuo~Inabo

Supporter-Ways and Means Committee ~ Senator Uduch Sengebau~Senior


Talked about Pension Plan for Public and Private Sector.

November 13, 2015



Talking about A Bill for an Act to reform the public pension system to allow all employees in both public and private sector to enjoy pension benefits, and for other related purposes..


October 22, 2015

Governor. Leilani Reklai – Candidate At Large
Legislator. Lucio Okakerbau – Candidate State Governor
Legislator. Skeras Ucherengos – Candidate Elechui Hamlet
Mr.Jason Timulch – Candidate Imul Hamlet
Mr. Scott Wears – Candidate At Large

Aimeliik Candidates having a talk show last Friday (October 16, 2015).




Ann Singeo
Kekerei el Arurang, Demei Obakerairur
Winfield Ngiramolau


Real Fisherman trying to Protect our OCEANS and try to help the young people in Palau to became a fisherman & talking about the Aqua marine  amendments in Palau.


October 16, 2015


Senator Uduch Sengebau Senior
Senator Philip Reklai
Senator Surangel Whipps Jr.

Center Women’s Empowerment Belau & Need to have more women representation in elected/appointed offices.


October 15, 2015


Governor Marvin Ngirutang of Angaur State

Talking about Angaur State’s Progress Report, Investment with China, & budget.


October 15, 2015


Talk Show with our Ambassador in Taiwan Dilmei Olkeriil,
Shares her experience in Taiwan & other responsibilities as an Ambassador


October 8, 2015

Another interesting talk show with Belau National Museum representatives Director Olympia Morei & Board Member Ebekeu Huan Anastacio

August 28, 2015


Palauan Traditional Chant

Performed by Imeyuns Group

Special dedication to ” Osamu Yamaguchi”

Track 1: Tia ulengoklel a Maderei el redil emlo Ibedul

Track 2: Damalasoi a kdimerur edim lei

Track 3: Kedi ngar cheroid checherel choeang

Track 4: Kelloi ra Ngiual

Track 5: Akiko el di kilie ra Tab

Track 6: Ngloik choulild mora Tebang

Track 7: Kotobadel

Track 8: Beluulechab

Track 9: Bullachang er a irrechar

Track 10: Tia el eruo tum tum el lild

Track 11: Tia urungulel a rdil el mor chotiue el chad ra Ngesebei er Ngertmau

Track 12: Tia urungulel a Dirachebibech el mora Gertou el chad ra Ngheangel

Track 13: Urungulel a rdil Ngerechol mor Ngirshoseged el cheldebechel Ngaraboes

Track 14: Tia kesekes eral mengai Ngerdmau era rechad er Choreor el mora Melekeok er Ngeburech

Track 15: Tia kesekes eral mengai Ngerdmau era rechad er Choreor el mora Melekeok er Ngeburech

Track 16: Kesekesengel iloat ra Beliliou

Track 17: Ngara Mesekard el ngara kabekel el delerrok el mo mius er a omengaidesachel er chelechal sils el mo mesa ngke lchad er a ngebard el di uchelel a rokui el tekoi

Track 18: Tial llall el llellel a samsel

Track 19: Tia el orikel a ngerel a uek

Track 20: Mora Osamu Yamaguchi


August 28, 2015