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Talk Shows

Talk Show with the members of Palau Language Commission, talking about Duties & Powers of Palau Language Commission.

Guest Member:

Chairman Noah Secharraimul
Vice Chairman Ngetibuchel Alfonso Uchel Megreos
Board Member Gregorio Ngirmang
Secretary/Treasure Ms. Lucia Tabelual
& Staff/ Researcher Jonathan Ostu Masaichi

September 14, 2015




Another episode with featured guest: Ann Singeo, Ngarchelong Ebiil Society

Interviewing following guests:
Joe Reklai
Theo Isamu
Clayton Johanes
Eric Vereen

Scott Yano – Director, Koror State, Department of State & Cultural Affairs
Roy Francisco – Coordinator, Sanitation Program
Jason Timulch – Youth Assistance
Bethwel “Betz” Emul – Supervisor, Cultural Historical Site
Obak Sato – Veterinarian Technician
& Paul Eberdong – Officer, Animal Control

Details on what they do in their departments.

September 8, 2015

Senator Raynold Oilouch
Floor Leader of the Senate
& Chairman, Health & Education Committee

Senator Phillip Reklai
Chairman, Tourism Development Committee

Senator Mason Ngirchechebangel Whipps
Chairman, Resources & Development Committee

Senator J. Uduch Sengebau Senior
Chairperson, Judiciary & Governmental Affairs

Senator Rukebai Kikuo Inabo
Chairperson, Capital Improvement Project Committee

Wishing everybody a Happy Labor Day Holiday
& updates on the status of pending matters before the Senate.

September 7, 2015

Senator Uduch Sengebau Senior interviews citizens Mr. David Ramaruii and Mr. Uong Yalap.

David Ramarui Mason graduated Virginia Tech (2015) majoring in Environmental & Urban Planning. Now working at the Koror-Airai Sanitation Project
Uong Yalap is a student at Palau Community College majoring in Foreign Service / International Relations.

August 20, 2015

Director Ismael Aguon with Officer Rebecca Ngirngebedangel explains the use of the two-lanes during rush hours in Koror, Palau.

7:00am – 8:30am > Bai ra Meketii to Ngarachamayong Cultural Center
11:00am – 6:00pm > PVA Intersection to Mindzenty High School

August 14, 2015

Coordinated by Director Scott Yano
Featuring Guests: PCC Dean Willy Wally, two summer program teachers and four summer students (chanting)

July 16, 2015

Kayangel-Ngarchelong Protected Area Network:
Darwin Mista
Jennifer Ngual
Robert Bob Johnson
Joe Maldangesang
Mirasang Rumong

Coordinated by Fabio Siksei from Palau Conservation Society.

July 3, 2015

Tokubets el talk show el lobengkel a etngakl el President ra Senate el Camsek Elias Chin ma Senator Mark Rudimch, el ngii a Chairman ra Grant Assistance, Appropriations & Financial Matters Committee. Tune in as they break down current issues of the Palau Marine Sanctuary Act and the Belau Submarine Cable Corporation. If you’re not satisfied with what’s been discussed already, feel free to send in your requests, concerns or questions, and we’ll help you whichever way we can to have your issues addressed with the Senators.

Email: janiz.pwfm@gmail or you can message via website or facebook! Thanks!

Length: 1hr 50min

July 17, 2015

Ngirakebou authored a book titled “Palau – From the Colonial Outpost to Independent Nation”. The book will be launched on July 9, 2015, Constitutional  Day of the Republic of Palau. This is the first book written in a Palauan perspective by a Palauan who was involved in the struggles the Palauans went through that led to our Independence  in October 1994. Listen to the interview as the Talk Show highlights some events in the Book. Rarely, Palauans write a good book, and rarely, an insider tells the Story.

We’ll let you know where when the book will be available for purchase.

PS. Palauan history needs to be written with no hard feelings.

Thursday ~ July 2, 2015


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