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Pastor Nob Kalau, President and CEO of Pacific Missionary Aviation (PMA), recently proposed to extend their existing flight operations from Yap to the Republic of Palau– specifically serving Peleliu and Angaur, for medical and commercial flights.

 Pastor Kalau’s proposal includes: free emergency transportation for medical patients, free transportation of non-emergency medical patients on regular flights, air-drop of medical supplies to islands with no runways, sea search for lost/overdue boats and surveillance flights for illegal fishing and poaching. PMA also proposes passenger flights to and from Peleliu and Angaur at commerical rates, with rates as low as $110 round-trip.

 The PMA’s initial mission was “to provide a means whereby the sick and those in need could be quickly transported to proper health care facilities,” as well as “to provide a dependable means of transportation from the air, especially when the seas are rough.”

 The aircraft used by PMA are all registered in the United States and their operations are conducted in accordance with provisions of the Federal Aviation Regulations. Additionally, PMA’s records are subject to regular inspection by the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Honolulu-based personnel and their pilots undergo re-current training and annual FAA flight testing.

 An aircraft hanger would be erected at the airport, provided: “a suitable parcel of land be made available to PMA for this purpose…The lease of the property be a minimum of 30 years, with option to renew.” PMA’s offices would be located in the hanger area and passenger processing would be subject to airport authority.

 The PMA stated that they hope the “costs associated with the lease should reflect the free humanitarian services [they] will be providing the people of the Republic of Palau.” The organization has faithfully served Micronesia for the past 37 years and remains steadfast in their commitment to continue their mission.