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Today’s episode of the “Irie Block Party” was the first to have shoutouts to and from people living off-island. Beginning with this episode, every Friday’s “Irie Block Party” will be recorded as a podcast for the website.

Irie Block Party (part 1)

Irie Block Party (part 2): 

“Irie Block Party” is a local reggae show hosted by OH SHA! that airs Monday through Friday, from 2pm to 4pm. The show plays a diverse selection of reggae music, particularly music by Pacific Island artists.

If you’d like to submit your shoutout/request/dedication for the next podcast episode of “Irie Block Party,” there are several ways to do so:

  1. Call the station line between 2pm and 4pm on Friday to make your shoutout on-air.
  2. Send a text message to OH SHA! at 778-5490 between 2pm and 4pm on Friday to have your shoutout read on-air.
  3. Leave us a message on our Facebook page before Friday at 8am (Palau Standard Time).
  4. Fill out the form below before Friday at 8am (Palau Standard TIme).

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