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On December 02, 2011 Takashi Miyazawa and his wife Sanae Miyazawa were welcomed as the 100,000th tourists to Palau.

 The Senate, in turn, put out Senate Joint Resolution No. 8-93– “Commending and expressing deep appreciation to all airlines with services to the Republic of Palau, accomodations (resorts, hotels, bungalows, cottages, lodges, inns and live-aboards) and tour operators for their joint effort in helping the Republic of Palau reach the milestone 100,000 tourists.”

 The text of the Senate Joint Resolution states that the milestone would not have been possible without “the commitment, dedication, excellent service and hospitality extended to the visitors by various airlines that fly to Palau, accommodations and tour operators in Palau.”

 Certified copies of the Senate Joint Resolution were transmitted to: United Continental, Japan Airlines, Delta Airline, Korean Airline, China Airline, Asiana Airline, TransAsia Airline and Fly Guam.

 The Joint Resolution was also transmitted to all bungalows, cottages, lodges, inns, motels, hotels, resorts, live-aboards and tour operators functioning in the Republic of Palau.