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Howard Charles is the most recent Palauan artist to come out with a new Christian music CD, but he’s part of a growing trend– an uplifting revival of Christian music. His new album “Going Home” (or “Mo Remei”) debuts this weekend and features a diverse range of Christian music that have inspired him throughout his life and teaching career. The music on his album range from sacred hymns to known short choruses.

 “Going Home” is intended as a tribute to “those who’ve gone before us and those whom we miss and wish to be with again.”

 “Home can be anything to you as an individual,” said Howard about his album concept. “It could be getting over an addiction or getting to a desired place in a particular relationship, but the important thing is to excel while we are on our journey home. It’s not necessarily the destination.”

 When asked about his own journey, Howard spoke fondly about those whom he has met and worked with along the way; particularly his fellow artists and Christians, his mentors and his sponsors– “who made the album possible and share my belief in giving back to the community and doing God’s work.”

 “Most of all, my journey has been made possible by my wife Melanie Ramarui Charles for allowing me to dream and our three precious treasures for giving me the inspiration and motivation to put forth my best every day.”

 Howard explained that he has great hope for this newest album, but most of all “my prayer is that the album will be a blessing and make a difference in someone’s journey.”

 To purchase the album, you can contact the Palau Community College bookstore, Emmaus High School office, Palau High School office, the Dollar Ninety Nine store or the Koror Evangelical Church office.