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As of February 3, the Palau Judiciary is undergoing some personnel changes.  Rose Ongalibang is now the Palau Judiciary’s Budget Officer. Ms. Ongalibang is not new to the position, as she was formerly the Budget Officer back in 1993 prior to becoming the Chief Clerk of Courts in 2002. With Executive Order 349 from the President asking each government agency to assign a central point of contact for grants, Ms. Ongalibang has also been assigned as the Judiciary’s Grants Liaison Officer.

With the reassignment of Ms. Ongalibang, Allison Sengebau is now the new Chief Clerk of Courts. Mrs. Sengebau has been with the court since 1996. She was once head of the Human Resources Department for a year, but she has been a Deputy Clerk many years. Mrs. Sengebau graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Hawaii, Hilo.

Marcella April, formerly the Palau Judiciary’s Budget Officer, will now become the Deputy Budget Officer.

In addition to the personnel changes, Luisa Kumangai has been hired back as the Chambers Administrator to Chief Justice Arthur Ngiraklsong. Mrs. Kumangai isn’t new to the Palau Judiciary as she previously served as the secretary to the current Chief Justice prior to his appointment as Chief Justice in 1992. She then became the Executive Secretary to Chief Justice Ngiraklsong before becoming the Special Assistant to Chief Justice in 1996.  Mrs. Kumangai left the court in 2002 and now returns to the Judiciary after nine years of working under the Office of the Vice Presidency during the past three administrations.

The Palau Judiciary hopes that these changes should help things run more efficiently in providing better services to the general public.