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On February 4, 2014, Board of Directors of Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) held their first meeting of the year and welcomed two of its newest member, Mr. Noah Idechong and Ms. Alfonsa Koshiba.

Mr. Idechong is a former Speaker of the House of Delegates, a founding Executive Director of Palau Conservation Society and a world-renowned conservationist.  He brings to the board his vast experience and knowledge in conservation work and his network of conservationist from around the world.  Ms. Alfonsa Koshiba is currently the Asian Development Bank Liaison Officer to Republic of Palau.  With her background in finance and international relations, Ms. Koshiba will help PICRC’s efforts to link to international agencies for partnerships and assistance.

Mr. Idechong and Ms. Alfonsa join a distinguished governing board composed of Mr. Hiroyuki Tanaka, President and (Chief Executive Officer) CEO of Dolphins Pacific, Mr. Wayne Andrew , Chairman of Helen Reef Resource Management Board,  Mrs. Lolita Gibbons-Decherong , Conservation and Protected Areas Program Manager at Palau Conservation Society,  Mr. William Charles Raynor, Director of Conservation Program of the Asia-Pacific Region, The Nature Conservancy, Ms. Vernice Yuzi, Associate Professor at Palau Community College, Honorable Elbuchel Sadang, Minister of Finance,  Mr. Percy Rechelluul, Acting Director of the  Bureau of Marine Resources and Dr. Yimnang Golbuu, CEO of PICRC.

During the meeting, the Board elected its new officers for 2014.  Mr. Noah Idechong was elected to be the Chairman, Mr. Hiroyuki Tanaka as the Vice Chairman and Mrs. Lolita Gibbons-Decherong as the Secretary/Treasurer.  PICRC has a well-rounded Board of Directors with expertise in the different areas that are needed to effectively manage the Center.  The Board of Directors of PICRC are the guardians of PICRC’s mission and provide direction and guidance that will help ensure that PICRC fulfills its mission to be an international Center of Excellence to support conservation and management for the perpetuation of marine and associated environments through research and education that is significant to Palau and relevant to the world.

For more information about PICRC, visit www.picrc.org or “Like” PICRC on Facebook.