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Good morning ROP!

A shear line runs west to far northeast and a low pressure area west to far southeast of our islands providing mostly cloudy conditions through the weekend. Moderate rain: expected today and decreasing by evening, short term Friday morning and a tad on Saturday.

Generally, the weekend looks like it’s going to be mostly dry and beautiful. Monday of next week moderate rain will come in the afternoon and die out in the early evening. By Tuesday early morning a possible weak storm may swing north of the islands bringing heavy showers and windy conditions for mostly northern babeldaob and Kayangel. Reminder, this system may dissipate or upgrade and/or its track may change before reaching our islands. You will definitely be updated as the days go by.

Large northeast swell generated by fresh (19-24mph) to strong (25-31mph) winds north of the shear line has created high surf conditions hazardous to small crafts through Friday night. Thus, the high surf advisory remains in effect for north facing shores, surf will peak to 10-12ft today before subsiding to 9-11ft tonight, then expected to drop further to 8-10ft on Friday and could fall below hazardous levels on Saturday.

Wind: Today=East wind 12-23mph with combined seas of 9-11ft. Tonight=East wind 12-17mph with combined seas of 9-11ft. Friday and Friday night=East wind 12-17mph with combined seas of 8-10ft. Saturday and Sunday=Northeast wind 12-23mph with combined seas of 6-8ft. Monday=Northeast wind 12-23mph with combined seas of 7-9ft.

Sunset: 6:13pm Sunrise tomorrow: 6:09am

Have a great day!

– from Meteorologist Kiku Mochimaru