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The Angaur State Government recently submitted a letter to President Johnson Toribiong “to humbly plea for [his] kind and humanitarian assistance in providing funds to have [their ferry] boat engines repaired and have access to the needed parts to ensure that the ferry services [between Angaur and Koror] are not interrupted.”

Angaur’s MV REGINA IV is the vessel that provides weekly ferry service between Koror and Angaur, and its schedule has been interrupted “on numerous occasions due to the mechanical problems.” The vessel currently requires parts for its engines, which are costly, as is the cost of freight to Palau. The Angaur State Government does not have the sufficient funding to acquire the needed parts, much less having them shipped here.

Currently, Angaur charters boat rentals to subsidize their weekly ferry services, “however the cost of these charters are exorbitant and thus the state government is tied from securing payment for parts whilst paying for the charters of the speed boat.”

Per Angaur State’s expenditure assessment for the MV REGINA IV, $38,754.31 is required to cover boat parts/materials, labor costs, maintenance fees, boat rentals, allowances for the boat crew while the State boat is under repair and other miscellaneous expenses.

The predicament of the MV REGINA IV is a major issue for the State of Angaur, as the vessel is “the only bridge for Angaur’s people to travel to Koror for economical development, educational, medical and daily living needs… At times there is a shortage of rice which has become our main subsistence as home gardening and farming is challenging with the invasive monkey problems.”

To further compound matters, “tourists and locals are [now] hesistant to visit Angaur due to the boat schedule which is often interrupted with the constant mechanical breakdowns.”