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In a letter to President’s Chief of Staff– Isaac Soaldaob– dated March 26, Senator Regis Akitaya expressed his disappointment in the Office of Environmental Response and Coordination (OERC) and the fact that they are on the verge of losing $2million in grants from The Global Environmental Facility (GEF-5).

In his letter, Senator Akitaya cited that OERC’s “carelessness and lack of commitment” as reasons for their failure “to see the significance of GEF grants to Palau.”

“It has been reported that the staff [has] traveled excessively under the GEF funding, however, they have not accomplished much,” his letter went on to state.

Senator Akitaya requested that the OERC “submit a proposal to solarize Angaur, Peleliu and Kayangel states with whatever funds remain.”

Senator Akitaya went further to recommend that “all energy issues and funding at the OERC office should be transferred to the Energy Office under the management and direction of Mr. Greg Decherong who [he believes] has the ability to make things happen,” and “request a comprehensive activity report from the Office of Environmental Response and Coordination be forwarded to the Senate office at the earliest possible time.”

Tia Belau made numerous attempts to contact anyone at the OERC for comment on Senator Akitaya’s letter, but was unable to reach anyone at their office.