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The owner of the shipping container that arrived in Palau from Guam on May 2, 2014 containing vehicles, motorcycles, guns and ammunition, was arrested on Friday, June 13, 2014, the pursuant to a warrant issued by the Supreme Court the day before. Kennouske A. Suzuky, a long-time resident of Guam who has moved back to Palau recently, was charged with 14 counts of unlawful possession of 12 firearms, unlawful possession of ammunition, and smuggling goods into the Republic, according to the information (criminal complaint) that was filed with the arrest warrant by the Attorney General Office on Thursday, June 12, 2014. Twelve of the 14 counts were each for violation of 17 PNC 3306 relating to the importation and/or possession of 4 rifles including SKS Assault/Combat Rifle, AR-15 Assault/Combat Rifle, Mossberg 12 Gauge Shotgun, and Winchester Rifle and of 8 handguns including a M1 Enforcer pistol, 22 Magnum Revolver, CZ Model 75B 9mm pistol, Ruger Model P85 pistol, 2 Smith and Wesson Revolvers, Lorcin Model L32 9mm pistol, and Llama 45 Caliber pistol. The 12 counts of which if Suzuky is convicted, carry a fine of up to $5,000 each for  a possible total of $60,000 in fines and not less than 15-year imprisonment for each for a total of not less than 180 years in prison. The 13th count was for unlawful importation and possession of ammunition in violation of 17 PNC 3306 which carries a fine of up to $1,000 and imprisonment of up to 5 years. The 14th count was for fraudulently or knowingly introducting goods to the Republic in violation of 17 PNC 3704. This offense is a felony and upon conviction, the fine is up to $5,000 and imprisonment of up to 5 years with the goods forfeited to the Republic. According to an affidavit of Pelefoti Cooper, a senior officer with the Customs Division who handled and investigated the case, the container was shipped by Pacific Candor, a freight company, from Guam on April 28 and arrived at the Malakal Sea Port in on May 2. On the same day, Suzuky met with Customs broker Jaime Ngirausui at the port regarding the questionable values of vehicles and motorcycles in the container. Mr. Suzuky was questioned by Customs Officer Williander Ngotel if there was anything to declare and he said only vehicles and motorcycles. Then on May 7, Suzuky called Customs Officer Poland Masaharu and told him that there were guns in the container and when asked if he declared the guns in the Bill of Lading, Suzuky said no. On the same day, Suzuky went to the port when his container no. FSCU4436265 with seal no. 112259, was first opened. There was no inspection of the container as there were spiders inside resulting in the  fumigation by a Quarantine Officer on the same day. On May 8th, the container was reopened with Suzuky present and its contents were taken out and examined. Officer Jon Eriich found a brown box behind the back seat of a gray Nissan X-terra SUV which contained 8 hand-guns and various ammunition. Officer Julius then found a black bag in the trunk of the SUV containing a shotgun and three rifles. On May 9, Suzuky was advised of his Miranda rights but he refused to make a statement without first talking to a lawyer. But four days later on May 13, he went to the Customs and voluntarily gave his statement. He admitted to owning all the guns but have no proper documents and that he knew the guns were in the container.

(Tia Belau Newspaper)