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Just a quick announcement, this morining at 10:00 (Palau Local Time), there will be a special talk show with about 5 youths who will each perform what they’ve been learning this whole summer of 2014. The Koror State Summer Programs, in this case Cultural Youth, is a way of promoting our unique Palauan Cultures through our youth so none will be forgotten. As you stand in the middle of the city of Koror and look around, you’ll see changes, modern changes that’s slowly taking over. So to keep our youth busy during the summer while school is out, Koror State Government offers Summer Programs (yearly) for the benefit of your future generations to not forget who and what we really are.

You can tune in to our talk show live at myradiostream.com/palauwaveradio for abroad listeners, or tune in to our frequency at 89.9 pwfm.

Kom Kmal Mesulang!