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In the Twentieth Special Session of the Eighth Olbiil era Kelulau, Delegates Rebluud Kesolei and Kalistus Ngirturong introduced House Joint Resolution 8-70-205 congratulating the University of Guam on it’s sixtieth anniversary as an institution of higher learning and it’s commitment to Micronesia’s– especially to the Republic of Palau– “academic achievements, social achievements and economic developments.”

 Established in March 1952, the University of Guam has provided opportunities for students throughout Micronesia and the greater Pacific Rim in their pursuits for higher learning. To date, at least one-hundred and forty eight (148) students from the Republic of Palau have received their undergraduate degrees and forty (40) students have received their Masters degrees from the University of Guam.

Throughout it’s history, the University of Guam has been a hub for academic research and programs pertaining to issues specific to the region and has maintained a reputation of excellence and invaluable service. The University has “become a vital component of the overall development and nation-building of the region,” particularly for the Republic of Palau.

Potential University of Guam students have consistently cited the quality of education, diversity in academic programs and close proximity to home as primary reasons for choosing to apply and enroll.

“I wanted to go to college off-island, but didn’t want to go really far,” cited one former University of Guam student, “The standard of education there is like in the States, but the school feels like it’s set up to help us [islanders] to do better and help our people back home.”

Certified copies of the House Joint Resolution were transmitted to the President of the University of Guam Mr. Robert Underwood, as well as to: President Johnson Toribiong, Minister of Education Masa-Aki Emesiochel, Senate President Mlib Tmetuchl and House Speaker Noah Idechong.