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The Ministry of Finance’s Bureau of Budget and Planning recently released it’s schedule of grants received in the month of February– thirty-three (33) grants worth $10,129,499.75.

Twenty-nine (29) of the received grants were awards by the Republic of China (ROC), the most significant of which was for $3,500,000 for Phase IV of the Koksai-Ngchesar Compact Connecting Road Project. Other grants received from the Republic of China, all part of the Fiscal Year 2012 Economic Stimulus, included: $700,000 to provide funding for a 24-room dormitory for Palau High School, $300,000 to provide funding for a water distribution system in Ngerikiil and $100,000 to provide funding for solar street lights in Kayangel.

In all, the Republic of China awarded $10,000,000 to the Republic of Palau in the month of February.

Other grants received were $12,835.75 from the United Nations to provide funding for CEDAW consultation and CEDAW legislative review and $116,664 from the United States Department of Health and Human Services to provide funding for maternal and child health services programs and to provide additional funding to support the Behavioral Risk Surveillance System program.

Per Public Law 4-40, sections 23 and 24, grants received by the Republic of Palau are public information and copies of grant awards are available– upon request– for review by the public.