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The Governors’ Association, with Koror State Governor Yositaka Adachi writing on their behalf, recently submitted a letter to President Johnson Toribiong, Senate President Mlib Tmetuchl and House Speaker Noah Idechong regarding the disbursement of fishing revenues to the States and summarizing the laws applicable to the distribution of said revenues.

Though there is no new law authorizing or appropriating fishing license revenues for the current fiscal year (FY2012); in Fiscal Year 2011, the fishing license revenues were authorized and appropriated to the states in Section 12 of RPPL 8-29.

The fishing license revenues were to be disbursed with 15% allocated to the national government and 85% to be divided among the state governments “according to population.”

Governor Adachi went on in his correspondence to say that the state of Palau “are highly dependent upon the fishing revenues and respectfully request the national government to release the funding to the States for fiscal year 2011 in the amounts established by national law.”

In light of there being no allocation of fishing license revenues for the current fiscal year or beyond, the Governors’ Association “formally [requests] the national government to provide for the distribution of these amounts to the states by law.”