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Keiden S Kintol
Special Assistant to Vice-President
Public Relation/Information Representative
Republic of Palau


On Sunday August 7, 2017 at about 22:54 hours, Division of Fire &
Rescue received a call informing them of a fire at the old Neco
Building which used to be a Chinese Restaurant in Idid, Hamlet. Upon
arrival at the scene, the fire was about 80% engulfed so they laid out
hoses and stared fighting the fire. The fire was fully decimated at
about 03:22 hours.

On Tuesday August 8, 2017 at about 11:45hrs the Division also received
a call regarding an Automobile Fire in Meyuns, Koror. Upon arrival at
the scene, the fire appeared to be getting bigger and coming out of
the window. The fire fighters started extinguishing the vehicle by
suppressing the fire from the interior until it died out. They let it
cooled off and located the Battery and disconnected it at about
12:25hrs. The vehicle is said to be owned by Valiant Tirso from

This is all the information that I can share right now, but both cases
are under investigation at this time, and more information will be
shared once the investigations are complete and filed.