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Warren Umetaro

For Immediate Release

Press Release SPR 10-25
October 11, 2017
Statement from the President                                                                                                              


Senate Press Release


Section 9 of Article IX (Olbiil Era Kelulau) of the Constitution of the Republic of Palau states that no member of the Olbiil Era Kelulau shall be held to answer in any other place for any speech or debate in the Olbiil Era Kelulau. One however should recognize that the implication and effects of statements made in this and other public discussions can have both a positive or negative influence on policy and public perspective; and thus, such statements must be both accurate and reliable.

Not only on the OEK floor, but any representative of any government agency or enterprise who publicizes personal opinions in their official capacity against anyone, a government agency, or the general population of the Republic without a set of confirmed data or a recognized study of credible experts to substantiate such a statement seemingly becomes a careless, self serving individual making an attempt to politicize and attach oneself to the genuine efforts  of those who not only empathize, but sacrifice and commit themselves toward commendable efforts to assist in the recovery of victims of these crimes.

The Republic must rid itself of crimes against the community. It is distressing, however,  to know that there’s a few out there  who appear to exploit the painful experiences of the vulnerable, only to draw attention to themselves and assure popularity, all in the name of personal political or other gains. Take for example isolated incidents of abuse simply lumped into one and distributed across a population figure to validate the generalized statement.  It must be said with ample clarification of all possible implications.

Possible damage caused from exaggerated statements against an entire population or group may be irreparable. It can undermine established value sets and desecrate traditional and cultural beliefs that life for many is based upon.

Encompassing statements made recklessly can be a demeaning character assassination of both Palauan men and women and can portray our Republic as both uncaring and dysfunctional. This can never be the Republic of Palau that we know; yet unqualified statements as made by any elected or non-elected public official can portray at the very least, a ghastly light on Palau’s respectable reputation that our regional and international friends have come to know.