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FREE WIFI & USA Silver Medalist Olympian Draws Hundreds to the Night Market

The March 2nd Night Market at Ernguul Central Park began with vendor booths selling handicrafts, seafood and other dishes and snacks, from fresh mangrove crab to fried and smoked fish to squid balls, and other tasty snacks such as shakes, gelato ice cream, fried lumpia, Barbequed chicken and satay sticks. Fresh local flavors included kedols betel nut, farm-grown vegetables, and taro root to compliment the seafood.

Silver, whose career began in the 1980’s, proved once again that she could sing and entertain better than many new performers today. She was accompanied by the Bayside Band and Winheart.

The Night Market was fortunate to introduce special guest Olympian Brian Hansen, who claimed the silver medal in speedskating during the recent 2018 Winter Olympics. Lucky youth Tem joined Hansen on stage to practice some skating moves. Children also had the opportunity to meet Hansen and receive autographed photos. Enjoying the evening local-style, Hansen joined Rondy Ronny’s cha-cha lessons and then tried coconut husking with non-profit organization Ngara Ubeng, who were on-hand to demonstration this skill to curious tourists. Hansen and other visitors also had the chance to observe the weaving demonstration by Yosko Delekuu.

During the entrance of their traditional dance performance, the Medal Ngediull Dancers presented wonder Omengesols and Rebetii with two of their youngest members. Night Market favorites, the Ohana Dancers and new dance foursome the Gucci Dancers, also showcased contemporary Palauan dance. Over 1,000 locals and 500 tourists enjoyed these performances and the market.

FREE WIFI to post and share the evening’s entertainment was provided by the Palau Visitors Authority. Once again, PVA would like to thank Eco-paradise 87.9FM for their live coverage, the PCC Tourism & Hospitality Club for assisting PVA, Kambes Kesolei for his stunning photographs and video clips, and the SeeBees for serving FREE popcorn.

The March 16th Night Market will feature Ngirchoureng’s Jim Geselbracht, a former Peace Corps Volunteer to Palau who will lead us to reminisce by performing Palau’s old-school classic songs. For more information about the Night Markets, please contact PVA at 488-1930/2793 or email Katarina Mad at  kate@pristineparadisepalau.com.