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The FOREVER YOUNG Night Market on March 16th, held at Ernguul Central Park, was considered one of the best Night Markets to date, with exciting entertainment to draw in a large crowd.

Beginning with Live Band Entertainment by OP, Sheldon and Malo, the audience was soon reminiscing to the sounds of guitar and mandolin played by Ngirchoureng, a duo whose specialty is bringing back the old Palauan music from as early as the 1930’s. Jim Geselbracht, a former Peace Corps to Palau during the 1960’s, and his mandolin player Tony Phillips, had the crowd singing along to some of the old school songs.

There were dance performances by the Ngiwal Dancers (traditional), Bonitas Dancers (contemporary), and the most lively was the contemporary dance performance by the Malii Stars. Cultural demonstrations included weaving by Ms. Amanda Yukiwo, Wood Carving by Mr. Joseph Lee Mad, and Coconut Husking Demo by Ngara Ubeng.

Throughout the evening, 177 tourists and 3,253 locals visited the Night Market to watch the performances and find a bite to eat. As the Night Markets offer the experience for tourists to mix and mingle with locals, we continue to invite the local population to enjoy the entertainment, sing from your heart, or sell and display your products. The next Night Market will happen on Friday, April 13th so register early! For more information, contact Kate Mad or Api-Sai Wasisang at Palau Visitors Authority 488-1930/2793.