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The Palau Royal Resort in Malakal was the setting for Thurday evening’s Micronesian Voyaging Society (MVS) fundraising dinner, sponsored by the Embassy of the Republic of China. “Many Islands, One Sea” was the theme of the evening’s soiree. The event was emceed by MVS Vice President, Alan Seid, who shared heartfelt anecdotes about his own non-instrument navigational voyage with the attendees.

 Others in attendance included: MVS President Shallum Etpison, who gave the opening remarks; PCC President, Dr. Patrick Tellei, who related an amusing anecdote about learning to use the weather to help navigate; Master Navigator Sesario Sewralur, the son of late Grand Master Navigator Dr. Mau Piailug and instructor at PCC’s Non-Instrument Navigation program; Republic of China Ambassador Maggie Tien; and President Johnnson Toribiong, who’s closing remarks cited the Taiwanese roots of the sea-faring Austronesian peoples.

The Micronesian Voyaging Society was founded and incorporated in 2007 following a trans-Pacific voyage to Palau by members of the Polynesian Voyaging Society. The non-profit NGO serves to “promote the revival and training on non-instrument navigation to young people from Palau, Micronesia and [the] Pacific Region.” Additionally, a Non-Instrument Navigation program was launched in collaboration with Palau Community College as a means of preserving the non-instrument navigation for which the Caroline Islands are legendary.

Proceeds from the MVS fundraising dinner will help: defray cost incurred by Palau Community College, reimburse costs incurred in the maintenance and repair of Alingano Maisu, equip the Alingano Maisu with supplies needed for voyaging and supplement the cost of the Non-Instrument Navigation Program.