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A former research visitor to Palau and the Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) made a generous donation to the Center. Ms. Kimberly Collins Jermain donated $100 to the Center for its 15th Anniversary Fundraising Campaign. The work she was able to do and the people she was able to meet among other things had inspired her to donate to the Center.

Ms. Kimberly Collins Jermain visited Palau in 2008 as a recipient of the Armin E. Elsaesser Fellowship from Sea Education Association in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA.  Her project was to study the color of coral reefs by drawing underwater with oil stick on paper while snorkeling and diving. While in Palau, Ms. Jermain stayed at the Center and went out with the dive team to sights where she was able to take color notes underwater and paint. Today, she continues to draw with oil stick underwater to create paintings about the color of the inter-tidal zone at the edge of the North Atlantic. Each year she sees the changes in the “ocean garden” beyond the beach and hopes her oil paintings will record the experience of the underwater world near shore.

When asked to why she wanted to donate to the Center, Ms. Jermain responds “It was the generous help and kindness of all of the PICRC staff that allowed me to make the best use of the fellowship funds from SEA. I was so happy to explore and create work about Palau’s pristine underwater environment, while getting to know it’s wonderful people.  My month long stay in Koror was a gift that I will never forget.  I hope that my donation will contribute to PICRC’s mission to research and protect the marine habitat that makes Palau so special.”

Development Director, Ilebrang Olkeriil expresses “We greatly appreciate Ms. Jermain’s contribution to the Center. Her support makes a difference in our efforts to reach out to the young and old that come to visit the Palau Aquarium and with the research work carried out by scientists at the Center.”