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Olkeriil “O” Kazuo
Press Secretary
Office of the President
Republic of Palau

On August 17, 2017 the Aimeliik Community and the Aimeliik Club of Guam donated five pallets of patient supplies to the Ministry of Health. The patient necessity items shipped from Guam included Pediatric Breathing Hoses, wheel chairs, I.V. poles, commodes, adult disposable briefs, sterile gloves, manual dispensers, toiletries and much more.  In the handover ceremony, Delegate Marino O. Ngemaes (Aimeliik, 10th OEK) expressed that the people of Aimeliik wish to contribute to the success of the “Adopt a Room” Program at the Hospital by equipping and providing in-patients with necessities that would otherwise be added costs to the patients.

“The People of Aimeliik thank Ambros Inc. of Guam and Shimbros Inc. of Palau for their generous donations for the cause including Triple B Forwarders, Matson Shipping, Belau Shipping and Belau Transfer for waiving the costs and fees in shipping the items to Palau, said Delegate Marino.”  “We would like to also thank Senators Aric Nakamura and Frank Kyota for their invaluable assistance in making our donations to the hospital possible and I truly thank the Aimeliik Club of Guam for taking the initiative to provide these quality items for donation.” Delegate Marino added.

Minister of Health, Emais Roberts thanked the Aimeliik Club of Guam and the people of Aimeliik for their generous contribution to the patients of the hospital.  “The people of Aimeliik have been a great partner to the Ministry of Health with numerous volunteer works with the hospital and we appreciate these many items that will surely help our patients and staff in treatment and comfort.” Minister Emais Expressed.

In attendance at the ceremony were President Tommy Remengesau, Jr., Speaker Sabino Anastacio, Aimeliik Speaker Teruo Rengulbai, members of the Aimeliik Legislature and the Ministry of Health management team with many more.


For Immediate Release
Date: 08/14/17

Contact: Ines Kintoki
Phone: 488-6950 ext. 244

Anna Parker
Communications and Outreach Officer
Palau International Coral Reef Center
P.O. Box 7086 1 M-Dock Road
(680) 488-6950 www.picrc.org


Palau’s coral reefs are resilient, according to a 15-year study by PICRC

Worldwide, coral reefs are being impacted by disturbances. As global temperatures rise, bleaching events and extreme weather events are likely to increase. Through ecological monitoring researchers are able to track changes to better understand how coral reefs are impacted and how they recover from these large disturbances.

Until 2001, there had been no comprehensive coral reef monitoring on disturbance impacts, coral mortality, or recovery time for Palau’s coral reefs at an island scale. This lack of data left many questions unanswered following the 1998 bleaching event. In response to this gap in knowledge, Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) established their long-term coral reef monitoring program.  Information from the coral reef monitoring programs can be used to tell us the status of Palau’s reefs and track and document changes resulting from large disturbances.

A new report by PICRC researchers presents the results of PICRCs 15-year study on Palau’s coral reefs.  The results showed that most coral reef communities recovered from the 1998 coral bleaching event, but it took at least 10 years for them to fully recover. PICRC researchers discovered that in all reefs habitats the areas covered by corals gradually began to increase in 2002 and continued to recover and regain their stable structure.   A notable exception is found in the eastern reefs of Palau because of the severe damage caused Typhoon Bopha and Haiyan in 2012 and 2013. The coral communities within this area were not fully recovered from the 1998 bleaching when the typhoons hit and are just now starting to recover.

This study demonstrates PICRC’s efforts to continue monitoring over the years consistently using the same methods. Thanks to this data collection, researchers are able to understand the past and current status of Palau’s coral reefs, and how disturbances have impacted them. It is extremely important to continue monitoring efforts to inform the public, stakeholders and policy makers on the impacts from large disturbances and the reality of reefs recovery time following them.

A copy of this report can be accessed through the PICRC website (picrc.org) under Research Publications and Technical Reports or from the PICRC library. Please contact Ines Kintoki at ikintoki@picrc.org for further questions or comments.

Palau International Coral Reef Center
1 M-Dock Road
P.O. Box 7086
Koror, Palau 96940

Contact: Ines Kintoki
Phone: 488-6950 Ext. 244
Email: ikintoki@picrc.org
Press Release
For Immediate Release
Date: August 16, 2017

New SDA and PMA teachers learn about PICRC’s education programs

This past Sunday, Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) hosted new teachers from Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Elementary School and Palau Mission Academy (PMA). For the third consecutive year, the new teachers from these schools were able to learn about the educational activities PICRC offers and tour the Palau Aquarium. The principal and vice principal of the two schools, Palau host families and sponsors were also present to hear about PICRC’s education programs.

Aside from conducting research, PICRC strives to raise awareness on Palau’s marine environment to students and the community. Every year, PICRC staff work with schools to involve their students in the Center’s work.  One of the main, educational activities at PICRC is the Arts and Tides Calendar contest. This contest has taken place annually since the Center opened in 2001 and every year it continues to recognize new conservation themes. Additionally, PICRC continues to hosts interns and volunteers to gain career guidance from the Centers professionals. Aquarium tours, tours of the research facilities and school visits also provide students with the opportunity to learn about marine ecosystems and marine conservation. PICRC wants to ensure schools and teachers are aware of these programs so PICRC’s facilities and aquarium are fully utilized by the community.

“The aquarium and our facilities remain valuable educational tools and we encourage teachers to really take advantage of what we have to offer,” PICRC CEO, Dr. Yimnang Golbuu shared with the new teachers on Sunday. PICRC continuously works to raise awareness in the youth. Conserving marine resources is important, especially for an island that has always relied on fish as a main food source. PICRC encourages teachers to include conservation in their curriculum and to use the aquarium as an extension of their classrooms.

If any teachers are interested in PICRC’s education programs please contact Ines Kintoki at 488-6950 or email at ikintoki@picrc.org for more information.


Subed ra Kemeldilel a DAVE GUERERO

~Mlo smecher: August 5, 2017
~ Kemeldilel: August 18, 2017
~ Ngkal chad a mlo smecher ra beluu ra Guam e mla moterkokl a kemeldilel el di morngii ra beluu ra Guam. A omerael el mora Guam a August 16, 2017 me tirkel melatk el ngarngii a ulengeseuir a di ngmai l mora blil a Maria Minor ra Topside (Ochob’s apartment).

Subed ra Ongtil a Ngesou el kirel a DAVE GUERERO

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Subed ra kemeldiil ma cheldecheduch ra FRITZ KOSHIBA

~ Mlo smecher: July 27, 2017
~ Kemeldiil: August 18, 2017
~ Mla moterkokl a kemeldilel ma cheldecheduch el di morngii ra blirir a rengelekel a Koshiba el ngara Prekong ra Idid.

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~ Mlo smecher: July 28, 2017
~ Kemeldiil: August 19, 2017
~ Ng tuobd a bedengel ra mork ra 8am ra tutau el mora Ikelesia ra Catholic e mochu ra Bai ra Ngerchemai e mengemeldiil el mo telial sils e mochu ra ked.

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~Mlo smecher: July 17, 2017
~ Kemeldiil: August 19, 2017
~ A bedengel ngkal mechas a mo tuobd ra mork ra 7am ra tutau el mora ikelesia ra Koror Evangelical Church el tal sikang e mo mengemeldiil ra blil l ngara Btelulachang ra Arkemais el mo telial sils e mochu ra Ngarchelong ra Blai ra Tkedam e mo melakl.

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