Chairman-Ways and Means Committee ~ Senator Surangel Whipps Jr.

Vice Chairperson-Ways and Means Committee ~ Senator Rukebai Kikuo~Inabo

Supporter-Ways and Means Committee ~ Senator Uduch Sengebau~Senior


Talked about Pension Plan for Public and Private Sector.

November 13, 2015


The Senate Ways and Means Committee will be conducting a public hearing on Monday November 16th at 6pm and will be held at the OEK Koror Satellite Office regarding Senate Bill No. 9-104 To Reform the Pension Plan System. The Committee requests that employees from the public and private sector attend this important hearing to discuss the future of thier pension benefits. Should you have any questions, comments, or concern regarding this bill or this hearing please contact Kayla Milong-Iechad at


Ngmorngii a Fundraising ra Mengederaol Welcome Center el ngara Oikull ra Saturday el November 14, 2015 el lomuchel era 9am el mo 3pm..

Maki kmal lolengit ma bol sebechiu e mei mede kaingeseu bo dodngelii tial Welcome Center..



A Ngerchelong State a ouchais el mora rokui el chad ra Ngerchelong el kmo ngmorngii a ureor el beluu ra Saturday el November 14, ra 8:00 ra tutau..

Me te mal lolengit ra rokui el chad ra Ngerchelong ma bol sebechir e lemei mel kaingeseu el kudmeklii a roled el mora beluad ra Ngeyungel.


Ngiwal State Charter Day a morngii ra Ngiwal ra Sebadong el November 14, 2015 ra 8:00 ra tutau.

Ng kmal betok a bek el bedengel a activities el morngii ua klauengader ra klekoul ma klaidesachel ra chert. Ngdirek el morngii a oterulel a kall ma rechad ra Ngiwal a kmal mengemedaoal ra rechad ra Ngiwal mar rechad ra beluu ra belau el kuk mo sebecher mel mei me dengara undokai..


Chedecheduch el Belau

Title: Kim el mla er a lukes

October 23, 2015


Title: Cheldechedechal a Ngiratumerang

September 17, 2015


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